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:: Support for albums before 2010 (Debut, EYS, ivx + tollerey) has been discontinued for commercial reasons (to make sure that from now on, you get them while you can ;-)

You're about to hear some weird sounds and melodies, such as old GameBoys, the Kaossilator, or a Casio toy piano, and many other such strange beasts. Sure, there's nothing new about making low fi music - in fact, those distinctive "bleeps" and "zkrchskz"-sounds are becoming quite common even in pop productions, so 'conservative' is an apt description for arranging tunes with outdated instruments, especially when there's tons of emulators and plugins and sample libraries around.

So, why give in to the limitations of decade-old gear? Maybe because there are a few very special feelings (for example that sort of joyful anger that makes you try beating the level`s endboss again and again or the fuzzy melancholy that grips your heart when you think of all the hours spent playing Super Mario Land) that these circuits express better than any other instrument. And as long as a song touches your heart (or makes your feet move), it doesn't matter wether you're into heavy metal, blues, techno, folk or classic music, it doesn't matter if it's on an old tape or on a CD, if it's plucked on a guitar, played by a string orchestra or coming straight out of some 80's 8-bit processor.

"Chiptune" is unique (not as a "scene", that one is just as much about "true chip" and other elitarisms as any other - just check out any online discussion about "6581 vs. 8580: which SID is better?") in bringing all of these different tastes together. Its "multisubculturalism" (for lack of a better word) could be the blueprint for a new generation of humans, connected by love for nature, art and technology, sharing freely, cooperating for a better tomorrow and enjoying the thrift of the commons.

Consequently, SorgenFreu does not pursue the ways that lead to short-term satisfactions such as fame, success or money. So, feel free to use these tracks as you wish - listen, share, perform, remix, rap, sing, dub, cover, decompose or use as soundtrack for your game and video projects (and don't forget to send a note if you want your project to be linked!).

And just in case you want SorgenFreu to play live at your next rave/experimental music/retro games party, send a mail to akareyon@yahoo.com :-)

So long

This is a disclaimer. "SorgenFreu" is a Dugarun project. dugarun.de is a digital/virtual/audiovisual/philosophical art experiment maintained by Rhandir Akareyon Nogeadson promoting peace, freedom, love, joy, knowledge, beauty and justice. If you have reasons to believe that this data is harmful to you or anyone or violates your or anyone's freedom and/or happiness, please let me know so we can sort things out asap.